ADHD and Programming

ADHD are born developers. They are “big picture” and “big idea” people who, while being incapable of efficiently completing tedious tasks dive deep into complex material and information with a natural ability to make huge logical leaps  bringing both sides of the brain together in one person who is “creative” and “technical,” both designer and developer, unable to separate UX/UI front-end skin from back-end guts. You can’t ask them about one component without receiving an answer addressing all related concepts.

I’m currently reading (among other things) Love & War by Mary Matalin and James Carville. Apparently, everything my own wife deals with, Matalin feels her pain being married to Carville.

This relates to my ancient post about interrupting programmers but also one of this morning’s Facebook posts.


I don’t write this because I’m distracted from my studying by the thought but to give other ADDers hope and encouragement.


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