Even Worse

No, not the Weird Al Yankovic album, but the conditions Amazon wants you to accept for connecting your Kindle to your Twitter account. I finally relented and connected both Goodreads and Facebook, posting a request that my friends alert me if any of my posts look questionable or suspicious.

My newfound willingness to give Amazon a shot ended with a screeching halt when I saw this:


I expected “post tweets” which I figured would prompt me to disconnect it pretty quickly but “Follow new people” and “update my profile information” means I won’t even be giving Amazon a chance to get disconnected.

That last sentence made me reconsider for just a second but I’m sure revoking access all but uninstalls the app on the Kindle. Methinks this may be why there are alternative apps for social networks and stuff. Perhaps they’re like cyber-condoms.

Connect != Install

Hmm … “connecting” Facebook didn’t install it … curious. So even if I never use Facebook (or Goodreads) on my Kindle, Amazon will be?

Install != Config

I just installed Facebook but, unlike Goodreads, despite having connected it, I still have to login. Before I even installed it, however, Facebook gave me a subtle heads-up:


A couple things to note about the above … Facebook tells me, “it looks like” someone recently liked your post. It doesn’t say actually did, as a fact, like something recently. I emphasize that because there were no new “likes” under my notifications. That totally groovy Go to Privacy Basics button doesn’t go to the Privacy settings as I expected–it opens a rather in-depth site and walk-through of how to control not only what other people see but what all those apps can see, do, and … AND … how much of what those apps do your friends can or have to see!

It’s like some person of conscience at Facebook was like … yeah, we let Amazon and whatnot do this but … maybe we should give our users a chance to fight back. Go Privacy Team, go!

That inspired me to take an in-depth look at Facebook’s app settings (note: not privacy options!) and I’ll post about that soon.

Also, I’m claiming “CyberCondom” as my new app-in-development name.


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