You Have No Idea

There is no greater technological accomplishment in the history of man:


Not the printing press, not the plow, not radio, penicillin, birth control pills, or the computer compare to this. I am king of the world.


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4 Responses to You Have No Idea

  1. codeinfig says:

    theres a javascript console, and, um…

    what is it?


    • jotascript says:

      I tried for weeks to get something to work in Python and this particular step just wouldn’t. So this is me trying to build it in JavaScript. This was the second problem I solved in a row. So this is me thumping my chest.

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      • codeinfig says:

        i look forward to reading how things go for you. ive coded in python and javascript (actually i got into javascript first) and i find the latter incredibly tedious. but also theyre so different.

        javascript obviously does best in the browser. there are javascript ports of python, but ive never gotten much from them. if you LOVE html and css, javascript is the perfect addition to it. id rather do “gui” stuff with html and javascript (by controlling innerHTML and css with it) than any gui library in any other language.

        with python, you get access to a huge set of libraries and easy access to your full filesystem– ive never managed that in javascript, but probably node lets you do that.

        id rather use python (2– i cant stand the new stuff and ive known professional developers that prefer 2 as well) than any other language, but sometimes it gets tedious– especially some libraries get very tedious.

        i found python looking for an alternative/successor to basic, so the fancy object-oriented stuff doesnt do it for me either, but its a great language. its a great feeling to get something working; enjoy it and keep the wp community posted with your successes.


      • jotascript says:

        This isn’t the first time I’ve read that sticking with Python 2 is a good idea. Thanks for the encouragement. I’ve started to read your blog and subscribed to it. I’ve never seen a layout like that. Lack of access to the filesystem is frustrating — I like being able to save content permanently in a format I choose. I know I could do that with a database, but the projects I’m working on right now, I think, would be better served with json and whanot.

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