Playing with New Kindle Fire OS

Beautiful and badass wife got us each a Kindle Fire for Christmas. Downloaded the latest Android Studio (I hadn’t updated it since installing the beta well over a year ago) and followed the instructions for connecting my “test device” to my Mac. Both were pain-free much to my relief.

I’ve been hopping back and forth between the Amazon Developer site and the Android Developer site. Both make me happy which is to say neither makes me miserable.

I felt like Hackerman (see Kung Fury, the greatest film of all time) when I sep-tapped (tapped seven times) to open the Developer Options on my Kindle.

Now I need to find a new home for my old Kindle eReader.

We finally (don’t judge us) got Amazon Prime last night. We were up all night binge-watching Under the Dome and The Man in the High Castle. The kids are now binging Doctor Who.


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