Big Toys

I’ve mentioned before that my desire is to make apps that are big—as opposed to small like for phones and tablets. At least as big as a large desktop monitor but, preferably, more like holographic or augmented reality as you see in The Avengers and Minority Report.

I loved watching election night coverage. That giant touch-screen on CNN that can zoom from country-level down to individual precincts is to me what cars and guns are to other people. As it turns out, that product has a name: the Microsoft Surface Hub. It’s a little more expensive (over $12,000) than the Surface Pro I recently fell in love with. It turns out Microsoft has some other groovy software you can use on it such as Power BI.

I love this ad:


Develop apps for a device and canvas as big as your ideas. Be still my geeky heart.

I’d have to start at ground-zero learning Microsoft shizzle, though. Sad. That’s not gonna happen. Not for a while anyway.

Recently applied for a junior/low level web/javascript developer position at Lockheed Martin which is in upstate NY where I want to move. They make these:



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