Atom versus Sublime Text 2

I am not a power user of either. These are just the reasons I hop between the two as my favorites on Ubuntu. If Dreamweaver were on Linux and could properly color code my Python and other files & languages, I’d use that for everything.

I hate the code hints and autocomplete in all of them. I don’t understand why anyone would like that feature. It always screws me up and wastes my time.

I’m sure that some of these things could be fixed or changed if I took the time to play around but, dude, I’m trying to learn and build a portfolio and get out of my cubicle, I don’t have time for, you know, reading the documentation and stuff–I have things to learn and code to crank out. Maybe I shouldn’t write that publicly.



  • Remembers the folders I added from last session
  • Settings GUI (not a file)


  • Freezes and/or crashes on both Linux and Mac OS
  • Frequently says it closed “unexpectedly” when I quit
  • I have to “toggle soft wrap” every time I open a file

Sublime Text 2


  • Beautiful color coding
  • Never crashes or freezes


  • Makes me feel guilty for not paying
  • Doesn’t remember folders
  • Opens folders in new window (personal pref, I guess, but I hate it)
  • I have to “word wrap” every time I open a file
  • Opens the same random file from five years ago every time I launch
  • I don’t like settings files (fine, take away my Geek Card)



  • Super quick and easy source formatting
  • Super quick and easy and powerful Find and Replace
  • The Files & Sites panes
  • That new “live” view
  • Oh my gosh, just … everything it does so well
  • Site Manager is easy & awesome
  • It’s one of the five or six reasons I’m an ACE … nope, wait … in this case, I’m (really showing my age here and) a Macromedia Certified Developer and Macromedia Certified Instructor


  • Doesn’t color code or seem aware of all languages & stuff I use
  • The FTP has been spotty for years. After an upload or maybe two, it stops working and I have to restart. Seriously, it’s done that for years now.

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Aiming to please. Seeking to impress.
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