Back In the Saddle

This used to be as green as Michigan. Now it’s as gray as … as my wife tells me England is.


It’s not just those six gray months. I didn’t complete anything in April or May, either. I haven’t been idle but this shames me into putting FCC back into the front of my mind instead of the occasional, passing, “I should get back to that” thought.

There’s plenty to learn in there, though, and it’s focused. So, I’m going to–for the most part–put down my major practice projects (the PHP, MySQL, and Python) and get back to this. Because I need me some Node and React. And algorithm practice/experience.

I keep meaning to put my projects into the tiniest of bite-size pieces … I’ll definitely do that so my newly, relatively green GitHub profile doesn’t turn gray because I’m focusing on FCC.



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