Learning React Is More Funner Now

Working through Codecademy‘s Learn ReactJS Part 1. Not only is it going much better than the rotten book I bought a while back but the content is funny.

The UI is a bit slow (on all three machines I’ve used — Windows, Mac, and Linux).

I’ve only run into one small glitch that I can keep an eye out for. In this course, each step you complete unlocks the next step. In one case, I kept changing my code because the next step wouldn’t unlock (in real-life, it’s almost always the coder’s fault; in courses/books, it’s almost always the source’s fault). Finally, I just clicked “show me the code” and it was expecting me to type in the second step! Grr … but, seriously, it only happened once and it might have been a browser/connection glitch or something …

Overall, loving the course.


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