BMI Calculator

I made a BMI calculator for a course I’m fixing on Bariatric Sensitivity. The course discusses bias and discrimination experienced by bariatric patients. I thought it would be a neat insight to have a handy BMI calculator right next to this table:


I feel like I’m outsmarting Storyline when I do something quickly in JavaScript that would be infuriating and convoluted–at best–using it’s clunky “adjust variable” “feature” in it’s trigger “feature.” This solution is far easier and faster despite the fact that I have to convert variables to and from Storyline & JavaScript.

Here are my data fields and placeholders in Storyline:


Here they are in action:


Variables created in Storyline:


And my JavaScript (it takes up less space in Notepad so I thought it would be easier for y’all to read):


Aw, crap … I should try using a slider instead … if I have time …


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