Overthrowing Open Gov

No, not even I know what I mean with that title. It was that or “Coding Jihad” (I have even less of an idea what that means but I so desperately want to add “Jihad” to everything because I think that sort of thing is funny … not Jihad, but adding the* … oh, nevermind) and, well, I’ve learned to avoid controversy. Mostly.

I’ve resumed my journey back into data from Health & Human Services (HHS) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC). Also, my youngest daughter–who, in the last month or so, has carried A Brief History of Time with her everywhere and started to watch all iterations of Star Trek every single day (or she gets grouchy)–wants to use NASA‘s waterfall of data for her upcoming science fair project which she desperately hopes can be on black holes somehow.

At first, I loved her wanting to watch so much Star Trek but she insists on pausing it approximately every two minutes to ask questions.

This weekend, I plan on making her take a break from Trek and watch both Interstellar (totally a daddy-daughter flick) and The Theory of Everything.

*Like Esquire magazine calling a fashion faux pas a “sartorial holocaust.” That’s hilarious. Yes, it IS.


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