Things I Want

When I read the article that inspired my nostalgic post and lament about how uninspiring Apple products have been for so long, I read another article that emphasized the decline of Apple’s leadership and innovation–five years ago, we’d have laughed at a headline like 10 things Apple’s new Macs could (and should) copy from the PC. I have zero faith that Apple’s “event” today would make me forget how ridiculous it is they not only didn’t come up with those “things” first but have yet to catch up. The author is correct, Apple’s progress has slowed to a crawl if not a complete stall.

I’ve written before about my goals and dreams of working with augmented reality and going bigger instead of smaller. The aboveĀ ridiculously beautiful video about the Microsoft Surface Studio made me, for the first time in years, want to run out and spend oodles of money. It should be an Apple product. I want it. I think it’s my next purchase–however far into the future that is … I don’t think I’ll ever buy a Mac again.


Grand total of $4459 + tax + S&H + $100 because I won’t order it by December 1


Oh, and … plus monthly subscription charges from Adobe since only the latest versions will be compatible with all the yummy Surface Studio goodness.

I hate Windows SO much though … Maybe I’ll find some Windows evangelist who can convince me it’s worth it–that maybe I could even get beyond “putting up with” and get to “in love with.”

The Surface Studio makes the hardware the UX/UI in a way that Apple never reached.


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