Darnit, Darnit, Darnit

Still working on my algorithm for use with the Spotify API. I know APIs and/or algorithms are really easy for some people but this is taking me a bit. It isn’t necessarily these topics in and of themselves that’s difficult for me, it’s that I am a concept-to-completion, designer + developer, front-end and back-end person so I’m always thinking and working on multiple/more aspects of a project than, perhaps, most people would.

Also, I keep hoping and trying to complete these projects and meet my goals without having to learn yet another language, framework, or library … or two or three.

If my venture into learning React hadn’t crashed & burned (crappy book with many, many mistakes so I would often struggle with something, blaming myself, forever until I found out the documentation itself was incorrect) this Spotify project might have been finished quite quickly.

My … guess … at the moment is … if I could somehow use JavaScript with Python, that would be ideal … but I don’t know if that’s possible or the best solution so … I’m still figuring out and learning what I can and can’t do … that’s a big thing … I don’t know what I don’t know in some cases.

I’m thinking, as I’ve mentioned before, now is the perfect time to learn at least one of these templating thingies (library? framework? both? where does one end and the other begin?).

Or, maybe the solution is using these other Python-related tools … database thingies and whatnot.

I must confess I’m scared of venturing into WebPy or PyWeb or whatever it’s called.


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