Why isn’t Mac OS the best anymore?

Who’d have thought trying to hop between a Mac and Linux would be such a pain in the butt? It probably wouldn’t be but I don’t use Mac 100% of the time. My laptop is Ubuntu and my desktop is an iMac. This means I don’t have to deal with Homebrew, for example, all the time and don’t have little, basic things committed to memory. I could use the laptop even when I’m home but I much prefer having my giant screen available so I can see everything I need to at a glance without switching, minimizing, and maximizing windows. And, of course, the non-existent people who have read this blog from the beginning know that my Mac’s webserver became a mess almost instantly. When all I knew was Mac vs. Windows, Mac was clearly the winner–even as the Mac OS got less awesome over time … but now that Linux is part of my world, even Mac just gets on my nerves.


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