Woo-Hoo! I Rock!

I recently read that a great way to learn new languages and practice coding is converting code—re-writing something in a language you already know in the language you’re learning. That’s essentially what I’m doing with myRockinApp–combining what I learned in Spotify‘s API tutorial (using JavaScript) and Codecademy‘s NPR API tutorial (using Python). It’s slow-going, but here’s my first victory:


Some comments are from the script’s infancy as a pseudo-code outline and some commented code is what I’ll adapt from the NPR exercise to my final goal(s) in Spotify.

My goals (sorta “user stories”):

  • Gets albums from a particular artist
  • Gets tracks for each album
  • Combines those dictionaries/lists into a readable, pretty HTML page

I think, for that last step, I’ll use Jekyll if that’s appropriate. I need to learn me some Jekyll to help with OperationCode on GitHub.

It would be nice, for the first step, if a user could enter or select an artist in a form.


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2 Responses to Woo-Hoo! I Rock!

  1. Explain to your poor old Mother, What is coding?


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