Dream Job Identified

First, I have to mention a job I saw on Indeed the other day: Data Analyst for the Tampa Bay Rays. Among the many bulleted job requirements was, “a rudimentary understanding of baseball” as if they knew oodles of nerds would apply that couldn’t tell an interviewer how many balls resulted in a walk. As for me, if they asked me about baseball, I could at least tell them Moneyball was one of my all-time favorite movies.

All kidding aside, I miss going to Tigers games a lot but I’d be so uninterested in working for a sports team. As fascinating as I find PornHub‘s Insights blog, I’d also be reluctant–to say the least–to work there.

I’ve long fantasized, however, about having access to Netflix‘s data. Much like the PornHub stats, I’m fascinated by what people in different demographics watch, do, and think and how that changes at certain times of day. I love reading about album sales and get so frustrated that some albums’ sales aren’t tracked anymore. I love the idea that someone’s commute can reveal so much about them and their whole lives. I love the relationships between things. I love Freakonomics.

I love data.

While poking around Spotify‘s resources, I saw a link following the question, “Love Python and want to use it at Spotify?” so I took a look at their list of openings. Of all the wickedly cool sounding data-related positions they had, “Apps & Visualization Designer” seemed the most like, well, my destiny. The bullets beneath the “Who You Are” heading was like a list of qualities … like someone was describing me. I’d be like Jonah Hill in Moneyball.


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