Learning VIM and Stuff

At some point during your Linux learning experience, you realize you must do some file editing in the command line because your editing app of choice doesn’t have permissions to save the file in question and you really, really don’t feel like looking up the commands for opening that app with sudo in the command line again.

Like me, I’m sure you dreaded each time you had to choose which of the intimidating command line editors you’d open, then search for a web page that clearly explained how to use that app (re-learning what little you learned and forgot the last time), and mutter/curse to yourself as you screwed it up but, hopefully, eventually finished the tiny task that should have taken you a tiny fraction of the time you spent on it.

A couple days ago, I stumbled upon this:


Honestly, I’m more impressed with the concept and execution than I am the learning experience. So, there you go, sometimes a great “user experience” doesn’t mean a great “learning experience.”

Fortunately, I then stumbled on THIS:

Just type "vimtutor" in your terminal.

Just type “vimtutor” in your terminal.

An even better (far superior, in fact) interactive tutorial you already have.


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