Reminder to Self:

Sometimes Oftentimes, I get really depressed and down on myself. Increasingly. One of the many themes to my frequent pity-parties is, “I’ve never been offered a job–I always have to interview and beg and hope they deem me worthy.”

Just now, while getting coffee, I realized that isn’t true. Twice, in fact, I’ve been offered a job and, as it turns out, they both had the same title.

Sometime in the mid-90s, I walked into the office of The Student Voice at Washtenaw Community College just to see if they’d let me be reporter. I interrupted a volatile staff meeting during a coup (right place, right time) and was almost crowned Editor of All Things but the staff advisor provide the voice of reason and made the current editor and I co-Managing Editors. Coolest part: instead of making us split the journalism scholarship, they added a second one so each of us got the full amount!

You might not think a “student paper” is a real job but it came with tons of experience, a paycheck, and travel/trips paid for by the school. I can’t express how much more valuable than even the money that all was.

Just over twenty years later, after moving to Florida (please don’t judge, I’m very sensitive about this) with no job or prospects, I applied to be a typist at Cruisin’ Style magazine. During the interview, the publisher kept focusing on my experience in graphics, writing, layout, and so on and I was terrified he was going to pull the “over-qualified” card so I kept trying to convince him I could type & transcribe¬†whatever he wanted. Finally, he offered me a Managing Editor position.

And, I must remind myself–this isn’t me bragging but truly reminding myself–he tried very hard to keep me by continually giving me raises. I wasn’t happy in the job (through, honestly, no fault of his nor mine) so there was, really, no amount he could give me, but, nonetheless, he saw value in me and considered it worth paying for.

So, maybe, in 2030, somebody else will offer me another job. Which would make sense, I should be quite the awesome coder by then!


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