Python Is Too Easy

I’d stepped away from my Codecademy course on Python to work on other stuff but I’m back because they’re about to change the content significantly and warned students that their progress would be lost if they didn’t finish the course by September 21.

That’s fine, because there’s an Introduction to Python for Data Science course by Microsoft starting on EdX September 19 I want to take. I love me all this free education. It’s hard to find education that’s free and quality, but I’ve developed a pretty long list that I’m typing out, annotation, etc. and will post soon.

I don’t really want to take another course while working on my CS50 course, though — it takes enough time and effort by itself and I need to finish it by the end of the calendar year.

At first, Python’s lack of rules such as ending lines with semicolons and the mind-bogglingly simple structure of loops (the inspiration for this post) bothered me but I’m starting to really appreciate and love it. It’s making me suspicious, though … it’s almost too easy.

Like it’s a trap.


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