Time for Change = Mixed Emotions

Time for Change” should have been the easiest exercise in CS50‘s pset1 but it took me several frustrating days during which I said many potty words. I am happy to report I finally just figured it out and it was not problem with my rounding or variables or typecasting or anything else that I changed over and over and over again.

But it was, of course, my fault and I’m glad for that even though, in retrospect, it was stupid newbie mistake I probably would have spotted if it were someone else’s code.

I’m just grateful that it wasn’t shoddy documentation, crappy teaching, C being crummy (like Scratch, which C is not — crummy, that is … I still like C).

It’s a rather embarrassing facepalm but a lesson that will surely stick.


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Aiming to please. Seeking to impress.
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