Is This 1986 or 2016?

At 46-years-old, I’m still doing my homework while listening to Twisted Sister.


In my 1986/87 dorm room at Howe Military School, I’d crank Come Out and Play on Friday and Saturday nights while cleaning for the next morning’s inspection.

Love Is for Suckers is one of the most underrated albums of all time. I’d just registered for my first (and last) semester at The University of Michigan when I rode my bike to the record store to buy the album & ticket with my minimum wage ($3.35/hr) earnings from Rent-a-Flick Video. Fortunately, I had my first car by the time the concert came around.

They had to cancel that tour because only myself and three or four other people went. While Dee Snider was high-fiving people, he touched the very tip of one of my fingers and I haven’t washed it in thirty years.

After searching for years for a setlist or even a confirmed date, I finally found them both this morning and made a Spotify playlist to relive that glorious evening.


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