Security Stupidity

Even with as little app-dev experience as I have, security has already become a major concern and focus for me. I’ve always been mocked for my passwords which are, for lack of a better word, “draconian.”

Read this today:


I found a couple articles that provide a bit more (very cool and interesting) detail about that last Silk Road bit. A article states,

Gary Alford, a special agent with the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) traced the site to Ulbricht: He simply searched the site’s .onion address on the normal internet to see where it was first advertised. Ulbricht had posted in a forum under the username “altoid,” allegedly in an effort to draw more customers into Silk Road. A post from several months later showed Ulbricht’s personal email …

An article in the NY Times provided a little more detail about I find really cool and interesting:

In that post, altoid asked for some programming help and gave his email address: Doing a Google search for Ross Ulbricht, Mr. Alford found a young man from Texas who, just like Dread Pirate Roberts, admired the free-market economist Ludwig von Mises and the libertarian politician Ron Paul — the first of many striking parallels Mr. Alford discovered that weekend.


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