Creator Cornbread

Cooking == Creativity

Recipes are tutorials. Recipes are code.

Used my Mom’s hillbilly recipe for cornbread to teach my son to cook (and wash dishes). I can’t eat cornbread unless my Mom or I made it.



  • Your favorite cornbread mix (I know, right? I thought it was all from scratch)
  • Bacon
  • Cast Iron Skillet

function createCornbread(){

  • Fry bacon in cast iron skillet (discard bacon by eating)
  • Pour cornbread mixture into bacon grease
  • Bake until ready (refer to box cornbread shizzle came in. If you cook, you know that those times are approximate and “watching” is more important than your oven timer)

What I love is that some alchemic magic between the bacon grease and the iron skillet makes it so it doesn’t stick but slides right out. Also, that bacon grease makes the crunchiest tastiest crust ever.

You’re welcome.


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