Culture Clash

The numbers for my other two strips continue to plummet on imgur so my reputation is also now in the negative and my “notoriety” is “Forever Alone.” I’m still posting all these. Somebody besides me must think these are funny.


“Why not?”


“My father forbids it.”


“Because I’m not Mexican?”


“No, not exactly.”


“Then why?”


“Because you’re a metrosexual.”

This one immediately went negative, too. I’m so misunderstood. Time will tell. Decades from now, these will be considered national treasures. Poe died penniless and unappreciated then others instantly made bajillions off his work. Same will happen here. These will be framed in homes around the world someday. I just know it.


About jotascript

Aiming to please. Seeking to impress.
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