Getting to Know El Capitan

Definitely loving the UI and, especially, some new icons but it looks like Apple has, yet again, moved Network Utility on us because it’s icon has become a dead question mark in my dock.

This article on Finding Network Utility in OS X El Capitan was bittersweet. Gave the directions below but also stated you can’t create aliases for apps in hidden folders.

Macintosh HD > System > Library > Core Services > Applications > Network Utility

or … the author offers this as “an easier way.”

  1. Select “About This Mac…” from the Apple menu.
  2. Click on the System Report button in the window that appears. The System Information tool opens.
  3. Select Window > Network Utility from the menu bar.

Apple Support‘s useless instructions for Use Network Utility to check your network connection are:

  1. Open Network Utility.
  2. Click Info, then choose a network interface from the pop-up menu.

I have never been disappointed in Apple, let alone to such a degree. I am shocked and embarrassed. Shame on you, Apple.

Speaking of fun network shizzle, I wish I could find a tutorial on Zenmap (Linux) that didn’t scare me.


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