Mad PHP Props

A while back, I wrote about a particularly crummy tutorial on the subject of connecting an HTML form with a MySQL database using PHP. Summary: Not only was the tutorial incomplete but everyone who commented on it asking similar questions received identical answers, “You should check out our tutorial.” If that were a snarky answer to people who obviously didn’t RTFT (“t” is for “tutorial”), I’d applaud but that wasn’t the case.

Basic PHP System, a great tutorial on HTML, PHP and MySQL is the exact opposite experience. Not only is the tutorial well-written and the code plain & simple vanilla chock full o’ comments, but all the feedback is positive with only some constructive suggestions which the author then incorporated into the tutorial improving it over time–totally open-source-ish!

You do need to know your SQL and shizzle as a pre-requisite.

Jay is listening to: Something for Everybody to Hate by Devo. First album they’d made in exactly 20 years and it’s awesome.

Update: Apparently, it’s just Something for Everybody which … I could have sworn … weird.

Update 2: Google reminded me Something for Everyone to Hate is an album by Sackcloth Fashion. Also a good album by another good band.


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