Articulating My Goal(s) and a New Book

Sent an email to Swizec Teller after buying his book, React+d3.js: Build Data Visualizations with React and d3.js. He wrote me back, asking what I was working on and I was able to, IMHO, concisely state what I’m working on and why with some specific goals:

I used to teach all the Adobe products plus web-related classes such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. After layoffs, I used those skills quite happily for a few years in Instructional Design. Steve Jobs killed Flash which is one of the reasons most Instructional Designer jobs now suck. Finally decided to go all-in and learn programming/web-dev in-depth so I can get my creative/intellectual mojo back. Been focusing on JavaScript and I’ve heard great things about React. I love data visualization–especially if it’s dynamic and interactive–so I’ve fallen in love with D3. I’m hoping your materials clear a bottleneck I’ve had in my learning journey: I want to create pages/apps that access external data from, for example, external JSON docs or a MySQL database–not “data” (notice the “air quotes”) that is embedded in some Javascript in the same HTML file as the D3 code. My end goal for this specific effort is to access APIs such as the CDC or any number of Open Government APIs to create cool, beautiful data visualizations and apps.

Passion & love for programming/creativity is awesome:


Here’s a similarly eloquent review from one of his consulting clients:



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