The Adventure Begins

Last Christmas, my family gave me the Dungeons & Dragons Starter Kit. It was (much like web design & development) now far more complicated than when I last played with it many years ago. While reading the two books and some PDFs I’d printed from the website, I realized I could make some cool tools for creating and using characters with the most basic coding skills.

While searching for some D&D reference material, I found a few sites for generating characters and printing character sheets but my vision is so much more. Also, I want even my “character sheets” to be much, much prettier. The app as a whole is going to be beautiful and comprehensive. Open Source–eventually, I’ll let people contribute after I’ve designed much of the architecture and developed much of the code .. enough that I’ll feel confident in saying to potential employers and clients that it is “mine.”

One of the “character sheet” sites said they received a “cease and desist” or something from the D&D people and had to remove some shizzle and adapt some of the remaining shizzle. So, I know beforehand there are certain things I’ll have to avoid and I also know it can be done without stepping on their toes. This also means I can and should make everything so it is adaptable to other games and purposes. I’m not sure if it will qualify as a framework, but … at least a model.

At this point I think some of it depends on technology that may not exist yet. But that’s okay, we’ll get there. I certainly don’t want to continue limiting my dreams, plans, and visions to what others have done or are doing.

I call it The Nexus of All Realities. It’s named after the Nexus of All Realities in the Marvel universe. It’s where Man-Thing lives, where Howard the Duck arrived on Earth, and the neighborhood of Jennifer Kale in the real life Everglades. I can’t believe I’ve lived in Florida for over eight years and haven’t visited the Everglades.


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