Genius, Free Thyself

I think I’ve developed some bad mental habits over time. I should allow myself to think and act fast instead of slowing myself down. I should nurture, instead of repress, my thoughts and ideas. I should resume being unconcerned with the perceptions and fears of others. The list is long and sometimes embarrassing but, in its death, liberating.

Let it go. All of it.

Specifically, regarding Free Code Camp, I should delete the sample, placeholder code before reading it and read as little of the instructions as possible–both of which almost always lead me in the wrong and very frustrating direction. “Factorialize a Number” was far from the first time the content was the opposite of helpful.

Instead of seeking a team and begging to be a part of it, I’ll start and form my own–finding and recruiting diamonds in the rough. Instead of seeking some rare, great company for which to work, I’ll start my own and give a home to other Misfit Toys.

Instead of anticipating what sites and apps might impress others, rediscover the joy of creating what is fun and challenging.

It’s not my fault most people don’t have ADHD. I’ve tried to fit in and it’s been painful and miserable. I am meta-human. I am a mutant. When I was militantly proud of that and lived like it, I was far happier.

Everything is so easy and I’m going to let it be.


About jotascript

Aiming to please. Seeking to impress.
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