Thank Goodness for Explain xkcd

Let me just say I’ve only “needed” Explain xkcd a couple times. I love the idea that someone puts in all that work, though, even if nobody ever “needed” it. Today, I needed it not because I didn’t understand the comic or get the reference but I had to know exactly when this comic was released:


The title text is almost always at least as funny as the comic itself and often funnier which is why I don’t subscribe using an RSS reader because hovering your mouse over the image any other place that the actual site doesn’t work. It’s also the reason I’m providing the above comic’s title text here:

“If you’re done being pedantic, we should get dinner.”

“You did it again!”

“No, I didn’t.”

Anyway, I just saw that comic this morning–the day after seeing this on imgur:


I could think of nothing else until I found out which came first. There’s no way a source as brilliant as xkcd would … right? Well, fortunately, Explain xkcd always gives the date of publication and Conditionals was published March 7, 2016 while The Problem About Being A Programmer (yech, that grammar just hurts me) was published March 17, 2016.

I would never have heard of Richard Stallman if not for xkcd. I didn’t use Explain xkcd for that, though, I used the GoogleBox. Stallman is actually a regular character in xkcd but this is the comic in question:


One of the survivors, poking around in the ruins with the point of a spear, uncovers a singed photo of Richard Stallman. They stare in silence. “This,” one of them finally says, “This is a man who BELIEVED in something.”

I recently made a small, lame “tribute page” to Richard Stallman as a homework assignment. I should make sure it has links to his books. Perhaps I should put links to his books here.

I love Operating System humor. If you’ve never heard this, you must:

“Every OS Sucks” by Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie from The Geek Album 2.0


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