Into the Eye of the SCORM

For purposes of gathering evidence proving some almost-daily support tickets are caused by Taleo Learn and not my courses, I’m starting to play with SCORM Cloud, creating a MOODLE subdomain on my site, and, while I’m at it, writing a tutorial/article thing as an Introduction to SCORM. Would anyone be interested in reading such a thing?

This intro to SCORM is about the required structure of a SCORM object and the necessary code–it is not “How do I work with my LMS” or “How come my Storyline thing doesn’t work.” If you’re interested in creating your own SCO, this would be the article for you.

I learned all this SCORM shizzle a few months ago trying to find a workaround for Taleo Learn‘s lack of support for HTML5 courses.

It seems I’m stuck in eLearning for the foreseeable future but I’ve reconciled myself with that fact because, really, I didn’t complain while being a janitor in college–I was grateful I had a job for bill-paying (and cover charge paying and an alcohol budget) while I learned everything I did for the first phase of my career. I’m grateful for a similar job now. And, hey, there are other benefits:

  • my kid has braces
  • my wife can stay home and homeschool our kids
  • my cost for a recent surgery was a mere $100
  • I can concentrate on studying/learning instead of finding a job

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