Discovering Things Long Dead

A few weeks ago, I saw, for the first time, a site (BravePeople) using parallax scrolling. I was thrilled and excited at this totally new thing. Then, not much later, I found an beautiful parallax page about David Bowie (before he died because my fan status is totes legit) but not the one you’ll find (Rise and Rise of David Bowie) if you google “David Bowie parallax,” like I just tried, though that one is, at first glance, also pretty darn cool.

I’m working on the “Build a Personal Portfolio Webpage” FCC assignment and the example I’m supposed to reverse engineer includes this bleeding edge technology I found because I’m so on the bleeding edge of brand new stuff. I googled “bootstrap changing scrolling background image” because I’m so hip and in-the-know which is how I learned it’s called “parallax.”

I also learned it’s old. Apparently, it’s so old it’s mocked like a MySpace layout. I’m learning to do it just in time for people to dismiss me if I use it. I know this because my next search, for “parallax scrolling,” returned bunches of articles like, “Parallax Scrolling: Engaging or Annoying?” from April 16, 2015 and “30+ Websites That Prove Parallax Isn’t Dead” from July 17, 2015.

I suppose goal is to, as with any other design element, use it in a way that isn’t annoying.

My question is how to make it “engaging” rather than merely cool looking or gratuitous. Admittedly, I’m only impressed by it because it’s somewhat complex and I don’t know how to do it.

I called this post “Discovering Things Long Dead” because last night I searched the Intertubes for a couple movies: Signal 7 and Liquid Sky. I’m quite nostalgic about them because their posters fascinated me while working at my first job in 1987. Rent-a-Flick was a metro-Detroit video store chain before Blockbuster Video came to Michigan. When I moved from Rent-a-Flick up to Blockbuster, I got a raise from $3.35/hr to $4.25/hr! Blockbuster was the big-time, baby, and it was still a great chain then. They hadn’t yet followed the MtV business model of abandoning their core competency.  [sorry about that digression] One of the comments for Liquid Sky on YouTube was someone stating they just now discovered this movie that was tres obscure when it was brand new back in 1982.


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