Worst Things I Hear On e-Learning Jobs

There are things I hear at every job that I can’t wait to never hear again.

  • Don’t think so much
  • Don’t overthink it
  • Lower your expectations
  • Your standards are too high
  • It doesn’t need to be perfect
  • Dumb it down
  • Stop putting so much effort/work into it
  • Nobody’s going to notice
  • Nobody cares
  • It’s not art
  • It’s just to satisfy a requirement
  • We just need to check the box
  • If they don’t care, why do you?

Update: A meeting this week reminded me of some others …

  • It’s just to satisfy a regulation–nobody will pay attention to it anyway.
  • The purpose? We’re required to do it.
  • We can’t just hand out a binder with hard copies of the info; it has to be an eLearning.
  • It has to be an eLearning because they’re required to learn it.
  • We can’t include an assessment. The users will get mad.
  • No, it can’t just be a PDF, we pay you to make eLearnings.
  • It doesn’t have to be informative. Nobody’s going to look at it anyway.
  • We have to do it anyway because we’re required to.
  • I’ve never expected eLearning to be engaging or interesting.
  • [But] I always expect a voiceover in eLearning so we need one.

About jotascript

Aiming to please. Seeking to impress.
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