The Phoenix is Hatching

Went to Open Code night at The Iron Yard in St. Petersburg last night. In the collective few hours I’ve attended local geek events over the last couple months, I’ve made more friends and felt more joy than the last 8 years of “life” in Florida.

Did my first serious gitHubbing last night with the help of a fellow open coder. Everyone at these places is so excited about doing awesome things and helping others do awesome things. It’s the exact opposite of the people I’ve worked with the last several years. It is so refreshing and encouraging to meet others who care about what they do, who are happy,  and want work & play to be the same thing. I haven’t seen that since Detroit and seeing it more frequently makes me much less homesick.

Every time I visit St. Petersburg, I love it. When I get a job teaching at the Iron Yard, we are totally moving there. It’s the only place in Florida that looks and feels like civilization. The “phoenix job” as I’m going to start calling it doesn’t have to be teaching at Iron Yard–it could also be at one of the many tech companies in that city. There’s also a place in Ybor (adjacent to Tampa) that is most intriguing but I don’t know much about them except that they are very different than most companies here. High standards, creative, passionate.

I am rising from the ashes. I am the Geek On Fire. Haters and Suppressive Persons should keep their distance lest they get burned.


About jotascript

Aiming to please. Seeking to impress.
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