Status Update of C4TB Website

Last night at the monthly Code for Tampa Bay (C4TB) meeting, I gave a presentation of the new website I’ve been working on for them. I was nervous because it was peers (not students or adoring fans) and the project isn’t finished but it was a lot of fun. I got some great feedback and questions as well as some good-natured ribbing.

Tonight I’ll put what I have thus far up onto The Github Machine so I’ll start getting real practice with that. Version control would have saved me a lot of time so far. I’ve been using three separate computers to work on it, plus my host (I’ve been using a subdomain on my website) and just uploading/downloading/emailing myself files wherever I’m working. That means I’ve overwritten a significant amount of work at least once. I’ve also had problems (documented here) caused by inconsistent file and folder names.

My This new version of the site should be live by our next meeting.

I’m so grateful not only for the experience but for how much I’ve learned working on it–especially given how simple the layout is at this point. I’ve learned me some Bootstrap and expanded my jQuery and CSS skills.

Last night, one of our fearless leaders discussed “wicked problems.” I’d never heard the expression before but reading the news this morning, I learned that it’s a thing:


BTW: I am irritated with the recent WordPress changes to placing images–how do I … oh, geez, I’ll just do it in the code.


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