Detailing My Dreams

I love the app pictured in the image below.

In Boston, tracking data to score government progress

I often read advice advising job-seekers to list what they want in a workplace and position including deal-breakers both positive and negative.

For much of my career, I felt such lists were pipe-dreams. I would accept any offer from whoever was willing to hire me. Employers who valued their people and co-workers who cared about what they did seemed like things other people had within their reach–but not me. More often than not, even when I thought I wasn’t settling, I ended up disappointed.

This time, however, I have a confidence and vision I’ve never had before. Not only do I have talent, skills, and many years of experience & education on my side, but I’m learning a ton more every day. I am very, very protective of this bag of tricks. Like a young maiden, I’ve sworn to myself I will not give it all up to some lame-o or charmer in some job interview during which I reek of desperation and naivete.

What I Want to Create

My career started, skyrocketed, rebooted and reenergized whenever I was doing something I loved on my own and then found a place that would pay me for it–they valued my purity. Circumstances sometimes changed and other suitors didn’t value this maiden’s purity. Those pimps used my skills to make junk.

There’s nothing wrong with making web apps in a responsive site. I can make a responsive site but sites are made to be responsive because customers use a variety of devices chosen and used for the user’s convenience. I’m not saying responsive sites and mobile apps are designed for the lowest common denominator–I’m saying that I want the freedom to make uncompromising beautiful, awesome, easily used and amazingly effective apps without having to take any of that into consideration.

See the giant screen in that image at the top? That’s the environment for which I want to design. Well, not really. That’s what I’ll settle for in the time being. This is what I really want to create:


Not on that scale–that’s probably multiple, separate apps but that’s definitely what I would want to work in. I much prefer my large screen iMac to my laptop. The Boston app and what Banner is using below is, realistically, what I want to make.


My Promise Ring

I can wait. I won’t look for this job. The right organization will be looking and they’ll find me. The longer I wait, the more skills and knowledge I’ll have for the right person. The more ready I’ll be when the right person comes a-courting.

Currently …

The stuff I’m making now in my personal sandbox and on a volunteer basis are … no boundaries. I want perfect. I want awesome and excellent. I don’t mind taking my time. I want clients who want the best, not what consumers will pay them for. Something the customer–whoever that is–wants and needs.

Backwards-compatibility, legacy browsers, etc. are not something I ever want to think about.

I’m still bitter about Steve Jobs killing Flash but I loved that when he felt you shouldn’t be using floppy disks anymore, he didn’t let you use them anymore. When he felt optical drives were only holding us back, he didn’t let you have those either.

I’m not even looking for innovation like that. I just want to do the best that’s possible right now with the tools available. Most people don’t even want that and those are the people I’m leaving behind like old floppy disks.


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