Garbage Collection

No, no … not the practice of writing code that cleans up after itself, but the dump-truck that just drove by my window, lifted my garbage with a mechanical arm and dumped my American-amount (several bags twice a week) of disposable crap into the back of the truck.

A mechanical arm lifts my garbage container so a human doesn’t have to. One downside of that technology is the driver never stops to move my garbage container if it is out of reach or if it’s too close to the recyclable container (because the open pinchers would knock it over and though the driver might be lazy, they’re not rude). Watching this marvel of the modern age, I thought of driverless cars and another down side.

A driverless garbage truck grabbing some larger-than-average child wearing all gray clothing, dumping that oddly-shaped child into the back and driving on.

Thank you for reading today’s Ray Bradbury Moment.


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