PDF Pet Peeve

I love Acrobat and PDF. It was my favorite class to teach when I taught full-time. Fully-featured PDFs are a joy and a sign of a truly civilized culture. The only thing that makes me sadder than PDFs without bookmarks are when savage, barbaric, lying, incompetent, sleazy, stupid, booger-eating butt-faces call PDFs “ebooks.”

A PDF is not an eBook.

Please write your elected officials and request they sponsor or support legislation making it legal to punch people in the neck when they call a PDF an eBook.

Until we make this crime against humanity punishable by law, help me build a grass-roots movement either:

  • Non-violent protesting outside the offices of such evil-doers, marches, letters to the editor, or any effort no matter how small
  • By any means necessary, punching people in the neck or otherwise creating consequences for such irresponsible and cruel behavior

About jotascript

Aiming to please. Seeking to impress.
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