Cheat Sheet Pet Peeve

You know what I hate almost (but, really, nowhere near) as much as criminals who aren’t moral and trustworthy enough to be child-molesters so they pursue calling PDFs “eBooks” as their super-villain avocation?

People who claim to provide “cheat sheets” that aren’t really cheat sheets, that’s who. Ever seen those cool cheat sheet pages in the Dummies books that are even perforated for easy removal? I thought the so-called Python for Data Science for Dummies “cheat sheet” would be like that.

Let me count the ways it’s not a cheat sheet:

  1. It’s not print-friendly.

That’s the only reason I need. I’ve clicked on far too many links lately being suckered into thinking I’m going to have a groovy, printable cheat sheet for Linux commands or some other topic and end up with the above or worse.

Let us count the ways a cheat sheet is a cheat sheet:

  1. Something you can conveniently have on hand (hence perforated) like, you know, a little sheet of paper up your sleeve during an exam.
  2. Nice page layout for quick & easy reference

That Dummies monstrosity has neither property. You know what file format that is not HTML that has both of those properties in, like, spades? PDFs.

This Conda Cheat Sheet (PDF) is a proper cheat sheet and even a dummy should be able to tell the difference.

Update Dec 15, 2015:

I find it pretty darn ironic that Dummies has the worst so-called “cheat sheets” given their books’ cheat sheets are so awesome. While searching for a perfect reference for Linux commands, I found their equally ugly Common Linux Commands page which, along with being hideous and useless has auto-play videos.


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