Hour of Code during Week of Comp Sci

In the midst of registering my younglings for CodeHS and CodeCombat for today’s Hour of Code. Making Homeschooling even nerdier for my future generations! Silver lining of being home for surgery recovery is spending time like this with my kids.

I’ve loved every second mentoring at CoderDojo so far and, today, get to try out those two sites with my own kids for today’s Hour of Code as part of Computer Science Education Week.

Each of my children has a different level of enthusiasm and, far more interestingly, a different agenda as to why they want to learn it and how they’ll use it. Students don’t have to stop at an hour and so neither of my two budding geeks have to choose — they can take as many courses as they like. Code.org even has printable certificates for Hour of Code and specialized certificates for certain courses. Oh, and stickers!

The Minecraft course — their first choice — is outstanding. It includes interviews and introductions from actual Minecraft employees. Totally awesome instructional design, Minecrafters!

Best moment was my son discovering the essence of Hacking: “I was able to use a glitch to my advantage.”


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