Free NodeJS Hosting

I thought I wrote about this a while ago but had to search for the info in my browser history and email archives to find it again. This post is/was inspired by the fact that you need to seek & find hosting that provides NodeJS–it’s, apparently, not something you can just install or use.

First, I found this article:

Top Five Free Node.js Hosting + Breakdown of Features

One of those is OpenShift, for which I registered but haven’t yet done anything with. It looks really, really cool. It provides oodles of resources, tools, and–more importantly–documentation and guidance.

10 Reasons OpenShift is the Best Place for Node.js Apps

Of course they have tons of stuff at GitHub. I haven’t yet read Deploy Your Next Node.js Project On OpenShift but thought I’d mention it.

I find it neat that many of the things listed in the “Lean In” image of my About page are equivalents to each other. I’ve learned so much yet so much is still new to me. Learning what you don’t know is as much fun as learning what you knew you didn’t know. Ugh. I need to create a table comparing/explaining them which reminds me I still need to finish my programming cheat sheet (among other tutorials that are almost done).



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