Command Line & Codecademy Coolness

Just logged into my website using the Command Line for the first time! I am the sexiest rockstar alive. Didn’t do anything other than cd but next is moving and editing files (for reals–not just in a Codecademy tutorial) and then … THEN, I say … managing my MySQL databases remotely via the CL. There is noone, not a single one I say, cooler than me.


Hopefully, I redacted everything I should.

Speaking of Codecademy … I’m 20% through their Python course and it is my favorite so far. It’s the most challenging and I feel like I’m learning real comp sci and programming goodness. I can’t wait to have enough Python knowledge to really get crackin’ so to speak.

Speaking of Codecademy and the Command Line, the Python course is the exact opposite of their Command Line course. I learned stuff in the command line course but the way they teach it is … that course exemplifies the aspects of their weakest courses. The Python course is pretty perfect so far.


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