Quite Pleased With Myself (QPWM)

I made my original banner image 1140px wide to match the default width of shizzle in my Bootstrap theme. Now Bootstrap was created to be responsive but when I resized the browser, my not very flexible banner image did this:


Yuck, right?

So I added some CSS goodness to the “masthead” class giving it the purple background-color to match the image, cropped a few hundred pixels on either side of the image, remembered to add a border-radius, and now it does this:


Speaking of pretty things: I installed Cinnamon in/on my Ubuntu so I never have to use Unity again. I feel like I was a leper and Jesus healed me. Not only does it not have Unity’s irritating qualities, the perpetual dimness is gone–I’m not constantly trying to/wishing I could increase the brightness.


About jotascript

Aiming to please. Seeking to impress.
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