I Have a Dream Come True

Not only did I come up with an idea for my presidential gender and race diagram-thing, but I’m totally using the relevant data as I play with programming and visualization–stay tuned. Below, we have the Socialist candidates for President in the 2012 election. I had to include three parties that didn’t have “socialist” or “socialism” in their names but they are, in fact, socialists.


White Males

  • Mayor Rocky Anderson, Justice party
  • Jerry White, Socialist Equality party

White Females

  • Roseanne Barr, Peace & Freedom party
  • Jill Stein, Green party

Black Males

  • Stewart Alexander, Socialist party
  • James Harris, Socialist Workers party

Black Female

  • Peta Lindsay, Socialism & Liberation party

Below are maps of the results for the 2012 Presidential election if only the four Socialist (by name) candidates ran and if we count all seven.


Interesting Facts

  • Alexander and Harris received approximately the same amount of popular votes but Alexander–who won California–got 3-4 times the Electoral College votes as Harris.
  • Lindsay received more than twice the popular votes that Alexander received but less than half the Electoral College votes. I’m relieved to find that, even among socialists, life just isn’t fair.
  • Jerry White didn’t bring his home state of Michigan.
  • Colorado is the only state in which all four candidates received votes.
  • Not all candidates were on all ballots.


Interesting Facts

  • Jill Stein wins by a landslide
  • Peta Lindsay is the only one of the original four to receive any Electoral College votes when we include the three relatively mainstream candidates.
  • Colorado is the only state in which all seven candidates receive votes
  • Roseanne Barr received 24,000 more votes than Anderson but didn’t win any states so Barr received zero EC votes while Anderson received 19.
  • Not even all three relatively mainstream candidates were on all ballots.

I’d love to crunch numbers based on gender and race but the low profiles of all candidates and the wide range of recognition between them make such an effort rather useless, however fun it might be. Having said that, stay tuned for some D3 socialism election yummy goodness–because I’m more about learning and fun that practicality and utility right now.


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