PHP President Parade o’ Victory

I knew I’d seen PHP and HTML code mixed together. I’ve seen PHP code create HTML tables for displaying results from a database. My form for inputting presidents is a .htm file so, naturally(?), that was the file format I used for the page to display my results which looked like this:


As usual, I’m using several different tutorials. One of them showed the proper way to do this so I wrote a proper file/page with the .php extension which produced this:


I was getting closer. My code was building the table but not inserting rows for my presidents.

While I was looking at my cPanel File Manager, an error log file appeared. Like a kid on Christmas, I opened it and saw the first two lines (it grew as I edited and tested my code) in the image below.


I solved one problem at a time, sometimes causing other problems while I debugged by trial and error. Eventually, because I paid close attention to the Error Log each time, I ended up here:


Totally awesome, right? I’m totally Steve Wozniak and Bill Gates, right?

And, as it turns out, that double-inserting problem is a frequent side-effect of an opening tag looking like this:


instead of


So let that be a lesson to you–code like you should, not like you’re being shown or told.

Now for some jQuery and Bootstrap to doll both pages up.


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