More Volunteer Work + More Focus

Just started volunteering as a mentor for CoderDojo at my local “clan”. It had been far too long since I felt the rush of teaching. Every time I helped a frustrated kid with their face in their hands and they lit up with a smile, I felt like a rock star. It feels like coming home.

This particular clan (maybe others–I don’t know) focuses on Python. Most of the kids were using Code Combat. Instead of moving their avatar around with a keyboard or controller, students must write the code that makes the character move.

This gave me some much needed motivation to focus on Python. I’ve recently found some more great (even greater because they’re free) books on Python and … AND … they focus on using it for Data Science and Data Visualization! I don’t have the links anymore, but you can Google these if you’re a like-minded nerd:

  • Python for Data Analysis (470 pp) by Wes McKinney (O’Reilly, yo!)
  • Python for Data Analysis and Visualization by Dr. Fang Liu (PPt but looks packed with info)
  • Introduction to Python for Econometrics, Statistics and Data Analysis (405 pp) by Kevin Sheppard
  • Mining the Social Web (356 pp) by Matthew A. Russell (O’Reilly, yo!)
  • Pandas: Powerful Python Data Analysis Toolkit (1,787 pp) by Wes McKinney & PyData Dev Team

I also found a PDF of Allen Downey’s How to Think Like a Computer Scientist (240 pp). The pages I found these books on were variants on a “free books on using python for data …” theme. It’s not like I was using torrents or anything–that’s bad and you shouldn’t do it.

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