I Have A Dream

Previously: Nolanesque Scatterish X-Y Chart

If I wanted this Hillary person to win, it would be for this reason. Actually, I’d be happier with Jill Stein or, even better, Peta Lindsay (not because she’s black–that will be relevant in a moment–but because she’s totes adorbs and I’m too smitten to have any shame about admitting that).

My dream is that in a few decades, I can make a chart of former presidents like this:

Four quadrants representing Black, White, Male, and Female presidents.

I’d really like it especially if it measured how “white” or “black” a president was. There are some who say President Obama wouldn’t have been elected if he was “blacker” and, of course, those who say he isn’t “black enough.”

We could already (attempt to) compare President Obama’s “blackness”/success ratio with previous candidates such as Jesse Jackson, Alan Keyes, Herman Cain, Stewart Alexander, Peta Lindsay and Andre Barnett.

I’m sure Alan Keyes’ campaign struggled with the “too black” vs “not black enough” issue even if not to the extent the issue may or may not come up concerning President Obama. Ben Carson, another conservative, is somewhat similar to Keyes’ in that regard. Many people consider any conservative African-American an “Uncle Tom” and, thus, not really black.

I just googled “black candidates for president” and just now learned Frederick Douglass ran for president in 1872.


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