Updating Node

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Despite my mentor’s advice to just use the versions I have, I can’t do that. It’s not that I can’t use an old version, it’s that I don’t know how to update the version I have and that prevents me from thinking about anything else.

As I mentioned and showed in the previous post, most of the tutorials for or mentioning upgrading nodejs show people trying to upgrade from v0.10.25. This is the nodeJS homepage:

screenshot of node j s website

Maybe I’m misunderstanding what I’m reading, but this said to me that the version I have is zero-point-one and the current version is four-point-two. I even thought maybe versions for different operating systems were using different numbering conventions so I checked here:

List of all available versions of node

I made sure to check the dates on the tutorials and posts I was reading but it still seemed like the numbers were jumping far too quick (too recently) from what people were upgrading from to what the current version is.

I momentarily thought perhaps the version number on the nodejs site was “skipping” the first zero but, of course, their version number has three “places” as well: 4.2.2.

This next post, from 2014, confused me even a bit more.


I infer from this that 0.10 is zero-point-ten, not zero-point-one because this Panamaldeniya person wants to upgrade from zero-point-six. This next post is one year older but the example they give of a specific version is zero-point-eight.

Screenshot of post by David Walsh

So, I’m still confused but I’ve seen that “stable” term used in many places, so I’m going to try that this evening.


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