Bootstrap(s) – Literally and Figuratively

I had given up on ELK because of the new versions fiasco then went back to it, willing to just work with the versions I’d (finally) installed successfully. Then the first “getting started” steps didn’t work. I Googled as comes naturally and like all budding developers should learn to but nobody else’s solutions worked for me. “At least others are having the same problems,” I said, trying to console myself. Between all the hours I was spending on that when I could have been making in other areas and meeting more “zero experience” people getting jobs, I was crushed beyond trying this past weekend. It made me really no fun to be around for my family. This morning, I woke up already having a crappy week.

My wife, however, was ready with some tough-love cheerleading and I read an email from a team-leader I’d deleted over the weekend without even opening. Both were encouraging.

Getting up. Dusting off.

Bootstrap it is, then. Which is more than cool by me for a couple reasons. First, I was disappointed I didn’t have actual coding to do in this particular project and, second, I just finished the Bootstrap section in Free Code Camp. So, I’ll review that content, find some more, and … maybe … focus on fewer things … which would, you know, actually mean real, true focus which I’m sure is a good thing.


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