Cats + Computers = Bad

I don’t mean cat videos and/or pictures—of course those are great.

Cat walking across the keyboard, waking up the computer so it lights up the room as I’m falling asleep. That’s bad.

Cat walking across the laptop keyboard I’m using to code while I’m turned toward the iMac looking something up. That’s really bad.

I’m sure you can imagine how many different places gibberish was entered, actual code deleted, and … you know as well as I do that you can’t search for gibberish. You simply have to read every line. It’s like the cat knew to hit arrow and page keys in between “typing” gibberish so that the things it broke were as spread out as possible.

Not a bug. A cat.


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One Response to Cats + Computers = Bad

  1. shift says:

    LOL This was awesome lol. Except it’s either my tiny, tiny dog, or my son. He’s not quite 2.


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