More Maps

These are far simpler. Humble maps of journeys taken. I love maps of migration. They show times and places all at once in a way that makes immediate sense with insight you just don’t get from reading text.

Created with: Adobe Illustrator

These are especially fascinating to me because these journeys took place in a time not only before flight but even sea travel was more lengthy and perilous. There was neither phone nor Internet. Planning and communication was by letters over long periods of time.

The Allans Go to Europe

Map of Edgar Allan Poe's childhood trip to Europe.

A map of Poe’s London is in its infancy.

Allan Crawls Back to Richmond

Edgar Allan Poe's childhood journey from London to Richmond.

Elizabeth and Eliza Poe Leave London: New World and New Stages

My favorite that will soon be surpassed. Edgar Allan Poe’s grandmother, a successful actress named Eliza Arnold, takes her young daughter (Edgar’s Mom), Elizabeth, to conquer the stage in a country where such an occupation is, in fact, illegal in many places. Soon, young Elizabeth is also an acclaimed actress, married and widowed while still a teen, and eventually falls for a bad boy actor named Poe.

A tour map of all those plays, dates, and locations is in progress.

Map of Edgar Allan Poe's mother and grandmother's immigration to the USA.


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